Ciao, mi chiamo Chana. E tu? 

Welcome to my blog, stranger! I'm surprised you found my blog at all. Can we agree that there's a lot of blogs out there? I just had to make my own, you know, FOMO. Anyway, first thing's first, I'm going to do the cliche thing and actually introduce myself to you.

My name is Chana and I'm still working on my Bachelor's Degree. Where I am right now is nothing like I ever dreamed or imagined. To give you an idea, I swore I was going to have my Bachelor's at the age of 18, a steady job that will help me get by, maybe on my way to being engaged and eventually married. BUT, my plan was not God's plan.

Does anyone even get their Bachelor's at 18? You're probably wondering why I dreamed such impossible dream. You see, 23 years ago, I was born in a sock shaped island of the Philippines (look it up). As far as who I was then, I knew I would be graduating college with my Bachelor's at 18... but, apparently, God heard a bigger dream of mine and that was to have a father figure in my life on this side of heaven. So, at 13, my mother re-married and took me with her to America and introduced me for the first time to my new "dad". She couldn't have picked a better man to be my father and I'm eternally grateful. 

Because I moved and for some reason, every country in this world just have to do their own thing, I was held back 2 grades. So, instead of being in 8th grade, I was in 6th and it became one of those things that couldn't be undone. So I lived with it and hustled in high school instead by taking college courses to "catch up". I graduated with honors and way too many college credits.

Then, I was accepted into engineering school at the University of New Mexico (eeww) and started my Computer Science degree (because they didn't offer Cybersecurity) as a sophomore (because I had way too many credits) and I cried and cried and cried because CompSci was so hard. We are way past 18 years old by this time. If I were to critique my college experience, it would fall under boring. I had two solid friends, I had the worst time being treated so differently for being a girl in STEM, I only went to one frat party, I kept an internship for 4 years and I was involved in a small group at church and eventually met my husband through that. 

Remember when I said this above? "I swore I was going to have my Bachelor's at the age of 18, a steady job that will help me get by, maybe on my way to being engaged and eventually married." Did you notice the order? Yeah, I also swore I wasn't going to get married while I'm still working on my degree and that didn't happen either, but you know what? That is OKAY because we all have our own unique stories to share! 

Fast forward, I told you God had a better plan. I am currently living in Italy, for the next four years with the love of my life, George. I am a student at the University of Maryland University College Europe and finishing up my degree in Computer Networks and Cybersecurity. Never in a million years that girl who was born in the Philippines would have imagined a life that would turn out this way. What the heck! I get to travel the world! HOLY CRAP!!

God has blessed me beyond measure and this blog is all about sharing my life as I continue to unfold and follow God's plan for it. There may be times where I probably won't listen to Him, so count on that, too. 

Again, welcome, I am so glad you are here.