Welcome to my blog. My name is Chana, in Hebrew in means graceful. I’m graceful in a way that I trip on flat surface on a daily basis. I am wife to George, but also a student working on a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Networks & Cybersecurity with sights to attend Grad School. I’m so close to finishing, I can’t wait.

I am passionate about self growth, but more passionate about growing my faith in the Lord. I dedicated my life in 2012 and since then, my walk with God has been more of a tug-of-war. As humans, we are stubborn by nature, but I’m a special kind of stubborn. But God has never given up on me and it’s been a struggle to keep it steady for years.

I LOVE being George’s wife. While marriage has its challenges as every relationship often do, my new role as wife has taught me what it truly means to put others first. It’s taught me sacrificial love, patience (we are still working on this) and growth. Being a wife is the best role I’ve ever taken.

I enjoy other “things” too. The great outdoors, coffee, chocolate croissants, wine and tiramisu. If you offer one of those, odds are, I won’t turn it down. You’ve been warned.

I know I only mentioned a few interests of mine, but I created this blog to serve as a platform to share my lifestyle and I hope some will resonate with you.

Thanks for being here.