A Mini South Carolina Vacation

These past few days was spent visiting my sister (Shannon) and brother-in-law (Bill) in South Carolina. For someone who has traveled near and far, I can't believe I never visited the Carolinas. Shannon and Bill live in a very nice city just 30 minutes south of Charlotte. Living in New Mexico, where everything is very spread out, I totally got a kick out of the fact that it only takes about a 5-10 minute drive to the North Carolina state line from the South. My gosh, it was so green and pretty and frankly, fairly relaxing!

During my visit, my sister welcomed me into their home and provided me with a queen sized bed, HALLELUJAH! Something impressive about the area are the houses. They are so big, bigger than what I'm used to and every house looks incredible, home-y, welcoming and elegant. Basically, these are the type of houses I thought all of America had before I ever moved to the country. 

Another plus about my sister's house's location is that they are 5 minutes away from a lake. A few weeks back, before I came out to visit - they bought an ocean kayak because, well... why not? They were planning on using it when the great May weather showed up, but I guess I was good enough of a reason to take it earlier than that. Growing up at the beach, then the desert, but let's talk the beach - I was always able to get on a boat or catamaran, but never a kayak. I was so STOKED that they agreed to take me kayaking! 

Unfortunately, this visit wasn't too much of "EXPLORE THE CAROLINAS!", "Top 10 things to do in Myrtle Beach", "A list of Charleston's Best", instead... this was a "see you in 3 years" visit because our Italy move date is fast approaching. If this Italy bit is catching you off guard, check out our post about it here

I hope you enjoy these photographs and get a feel for what the Carolinas are like! 

&& Thank you, Bill & Shannon, it was a great visit! 

P.S. Spring is a great time to visit the South :)