Road Trip To Oregon And Washington

When I (Chana) first moved to America, my parents used to send me to Portland, Oregon to spend my summers with my grandparents, but also because I didn't have a job (RIP 15 year old me). 

I absolutely love Oregon and when it was time I could take some time off my job, I decided I wanted to be there for kite fest (which got cancelled). George and I just started dating and I told him I was going to drive myself from Albuquerque to Seaside, Oregon. To give you an idea, that is 22 1/2 hour drive via Utah and Idaho. It wouldn't be my first drive to Oregon, but it would definitely be my first drive ALONE. I took an entire week off and was ready to leave and begin an adventure.

George thought it was a bad idea (LOL). So, naturally, George took an entire week off to drive with me to a kite fest that got cancelled as mentioned above.

Road Trip To Oregon And Washington

It was an amazing time to get to know each other and a test whether or not we would get along in the long run. During our drive we were able to play a gazillion questions, talked about God, talked about our future(s) and also took turns driving and napping. We drove through the night and in the morning we were in Utah...

We found The Park Cafe for breakfast and explored Liberty Park across the street. Food was great and the park was just incredible. We also met a cat named Louie, who was very flirty (purrr) strolling around the green house. We stayed at Hill Air Force Base for the night. 

The next day we continued our drive to Oregon. This was probably my proudest moment because I drove all the way through. Don't give George crap, but he really did offer to drive and I declined. If you don't know my personality, check out this >>post<< and maybe you'll find out a little more ;)

When we passed state lines, we stopped at a few scenic spots to capture the boring (but, pretty) side of Oregon that doesn't get enough hype on Instagram.

We continued our drive and stopped in La Grande, Oregon which is 4 hours away from Portland to visit my cousin, Victoria. We had burgers for dinner and before we left town to continue our drive to my grandparents in Portland, we went through Dutch Bros Coffee (they are only strictly drive-thrus). I was basically exhausted at this point, so I ordered a 911 (six shot of irish creme breve) at Dutch Bros and George ordered a Dutch Canyon (white chocolate, chocolate macadamia nut, and dark chocolate). 

We arrived in Portland early that night and stayed at my grandparents for a few days. In Oregon, we visited Multnomah Falls, the Vista House at Columbia River Gorge, Larch Mountain, Cannon Beach, Tillamook Factory (yum, cheese and ice cream!!) and a state park we don't remember the name of, although we do remember how magical it was!

Our time in Oregon eventually ended and we headed up North to visit Seattle, Washington. We spent a few days in Seattle and visited Boeing, the Space Needle, Pike Place (totes went to the first Starbucks ever and stood in line for a long time lol), explored Whidbey Island, stopped at the Naval Air Station, Oak Harbor and Deception Pass Bridge.

As to every vacation, our time in the Pacific Northwest eventually came to an end and we dreaded our drive back to desert-y Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Do you live in the pacific northwest are? If so, where? Do you have any recommendations because we are sure we'll be visiting again!