Hot Air Balloon Ride Over The Rio Grande River

Disclaimer: Please ask for permission should you choose to use these photographs.

One of the most romantic experiences we had the pleasure of doing together was riding a hot air balloon! 


New Mexico is known for the International Balloon Fiesta which happens every October. So, if you didn't know that - October is the best time to visit Albuquerque!

The military's outdoor recreation offers "recreational" stuff at a discounted price. One of them was a hot air balloon ride! We scored and paid less than $100 for the two of us to be up in the air, in a basket for an hour. 

It was such a great experience and it was not anything like we thought it would be. The take-off was incredibly smooth and well, our landing was not so smooth and our basket tipped over (fear not, it won't hurt - it's just funny). It was SO MAGICAL and the views are breathtaking. Our friends even thought we were getting engaged because riding a hot air balloon with your significant other is definitely one of those more popular stunts for proposals around here because it's such an expensive experience. 

So without talking too much, we hope you enjoy these pictures!

If you're planning on visiting Albuquerque OR riding a hot air balloon elsewhere, make sure to check Groupon! You never know, you might find a deal!