Our First Weekend Living In Italy

LOCATION: Polcenigo, Pordenone ITALY

ATTRACTION: Sorgente del gorgazzo

We arrived in Italy a couple of days ago and if you haven't read how that was, 

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Because of the above blog post, we basically had no other choice but to get a rental car so we can pick up our luggage from the Marco Polo airport in Venice which is about an hour away from where we are.

We rented our first car for the weekend and we were able to get an automatic Peugeot 308. Thank the Lord that our car was automatic because I can't drive standard yet. I would have caused accidents in Italy's narrow windy roads!

I'll eventually have to learn how to drive standard and that might actually be sooner than later.

With the freedom of having a car for the weekend, we decided to explore Polcenigo which is a town in the province of Pordenone just 10 minutes from us. We stopped by Sorgente del gorgazzo and instead of parallel parking in incredibly narrow streets, we found two parking areas free of charge just in walking distance. SCORE! 

Sightseeing In Polcenigo, Italy

It's really humid here in Italy, so before embarking on any short walks or if you're hardcore and love to go on hikes, bring some water! There is a water station where you can fill up your bottle for some euros located between the two free parking lots! 

When I think of Italy, I think of cobblestones and buildings that are nearly falling apart. This area is definitely just that. The flowing water from the river makes the area very relaxing and serene. There is a pizza place nearby, as well as a restaurant/bar along the river. 

As you walk towards the mountainside, you'll find the clearest body of water you've ever seen. It is so clean that when you look closely, you'll find a statue of Jesus submerged in the water. 

It's a nice place to stroll and it's not anything like going for a hike to find such treasure. We definitely enjoyed looking at the falling apart buildings, the river flowing through town and even the quaint bed and breakfast located in the small area!

We hope you enjoy a few of the pictures we took! 

april 2018 (7).jpg

On top of exploring Sorgente del gorgazzo, we decided to stop by a restaurant called Forc-Eat Ristorante e Pizzeria for dinner. Forc-Eat is nowhere near Sorgente del gorgazzo and is located in another district called Fontanafredda. Before committing, we were being such Americans and Googled the place while sitting out in the parking lot LOL. It was labeled cozy and casual and to be honest, it felt cozy, but not so much casual. The view across the restaurant was stunning too and outdoor seating was available. We are not sure at this time if we weren't permitted to sit outside or no one is permitted to sit outside while dining at all.

It has also been a couple of years since I was in Europe and I totally forgot how massive the portions are! I ordered calamari with zucchini with a 0.375 L house wine and George ordered calzone which was probably the biggest calzone I have ever seen. The food was absolutely delicious and at first, we thought the restaurant just did not have any business, then it finally came to us that we were having dinner wayyyy too early. By the time we were finished with our meal, half of the restaurant (which is massive by the way) had reservation signs on the table.