How an app encouraged me to read the Bible

For a while, I struggled to make time for God. I always had something 'more important' to do. But were those really more important than God? I've tried everything, from listening to Christian music, reading books written by Christian authors, joining a small group where I met my husband and even spent more money on a nice Bible so that I could have the extra margins to write on. But, I still failed.

Time and time again, I wasn't in tune with God the way I had wanted to be. Frankly, it's disappointing because I know in my heart that my relationship with the Lord is more important than any relationship I have in my life. Even more important than my relationship with my husband. 

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine whom I haven't talked to in years out of the blue added me as an accountability partner to do a 35 day Bible study. I didn't think much of it, so I went with it. The experience wasn't perfect, I totally missed upwards 6 days in a row and had to play catch up. I also didn't feel like there was much growth happening since it was a bible study about something I wasn't really interested in. Either way,  I answered the prompts posted with so much vulnerability. But, it just felt like I was doing a college discussion post, minus responses. Other than that, the experience led me to try it again, using a new plan, with other friends.

I gave it another try and this time, it was because a friend of mine, who I met at my freshman year computer science orientation, randomly thanked me for the small things we've shared with each other including our conversations about God. 

I really do like the idea of a digital Bible study, but I liked the idea more when doing it with people I know are genuine. So, I made sure we were connected with each other on the YouVersion Bible App (thank you Life Church for digitizing the Bible!) and picked a plan I thought would be fruitful for us. I also took a 'gamble' and added another friend who I thought might enjoy and I'm telling you, these girls don't know each other. I'm just a mutual friend of theirs and I'm so stoked to share that the journey has been incredible. 

I am enjoying that we are all being open, sharing ideas on a specific struggle and how we could approach challenges better and just overall be genuine with each other. I also appreciate the simplicity, how no one is trying to be better than anybody. 

If you don't have time to open a physical Bible, I say, download the YouVersion Bible app on your iOS or Android and start somewhere. Start getting into God's word slowly and if you need a friend to hold you accountable, find me!

`@csiegler7` OR `Chana N`

And if someone gives you crap for using a digital Bible, just know that God doesn't care how you managed to read His word!