Meow Wolf: House Of Eternal Return

In March of 2016, Meow Wolf (House of Eternal Return) opened to the public with the support of George R.R. Martin. Meow Wolf is a unique, creative and immersive experience with a storyline. It was produced by ~200 artists from different disciplines and to this day, I still don’t know how the story goes.

In my opinion, Meow Wolf is one of New Mexico’s best product besides red and green chiles and the International Balloon Fiesta.

Besides an immersive experience, Meow Wolf also serves as a music venue and learning center.

Meow Wolf is planning on expanding and opening new locations in Denver and Las Vegas and as far as I know, the theme will be completely different than the one in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

The first time we visited Meow Wolf was in 2016 soon after they opened. I was with my boyfriend then (husband now) and two other friends.

I was astonished by the amount of art before me when we first entered. I loved how interactive the experience was, with a hint of mystery. We were at Meow Wolf for a good 5 hours and even with that amount of time, we are positive we missed a lot of the exhibit. The place is so intricately designed.

We loved jumping into the washing machine, making music by hitting the bones of the dinosaur, the neon underwater exhibit and more.

The next time we visited was this year, in April, to see Quinn XCII and Chelsea Cutler in concert. Although the venue isn’t large, the lighting, the audio and the overall experience was incredibly fun.

So without further ado, I think this place can speak for itself through pictures.