Online Church: Life.Church

I get it, you’re in college, you’re working full-time and on the weekends all you want to do is be with your family, hang around the house, do nothing and get yourself ready for the new week.

I get it, you just moved to a new neighborhood, a new state, a new country and you don’t have anyone to take you to church, let alone have the courage to put yourself out there and find a church.

I get it, you don’t like how some churches do it. Some function like cliques and others are too quiet you can hear the crickets.

However you feel, just know that with technology, attending church is possible anywhere and anytime.

Although I’m about to share with you one of my favorite Church Online communities, I still want to encourage you to get out there and find a physical community. A community you can squeeze into your tight schedule where you can participate in Bible Studies in the middle of the week, a community you can rely on when things get rough, a community you can be a part of to strengthen your faith and a community to have fun with because as humans, we were never meant to be alone.

But like I said, I get it. So while you’re in the works of finding a physical church, I would love to recommend to you one of my favorite Online Churches of all time.

This church is one of the churches my husband and I choose to watch when we:

  1. Can't make it to church
  2. Are still in the process of finding a church

Disclaimer: The church mentioned below is non-denominational.

Life.Church with Pastor Craig Groeschel

I have never met Pastor Craig Groeschel, who is the Senior Pastor of Life.Church. He and others launched Life.Church a year after I was born (1996). There are now multiple Life.Church locations and I had the opportunity of attending one of those locations in Wichita, Kansas.

The fact that I first attended Life.Church in Wichita, Kansas is actually funny. Just a year away from moving out of Albuquerque, New Mexico, I found out that Life.Church has a physical location across the Rio Grande River. It literally took dating my husband to be introduced to this church by his family and for that, I’m grateful.

When I visited Life.Church in Kansas, I bawled my eyes out around tithes and offerings. The way it was conducted was beyond selfless and honestly, I wish churches did it more. When tithes and offerings were conducted, a basket was passed among people. To those who are able to give, they give and to those who are in need, they take. I just love how much this church gives back to their community.

Why I highly recommend this (Online) Church:

1) Teachings are straight from the Bible as is, but explained simply.

Have you ever been to a church where the Pastor is a little too scholarly that they get lost in the translations? Although great, I personally feel the information sometimes gets skewed or the study as a whole becomes sidetracked. Life.Church does a great job teaching straight from the Bible, as well as explaining it as simply as possible. It also helps immensely that they use the New Living Translation (NLT) version of the Bible. 

2) Pastors do a great job referencing life experiences.

Are you the type of person who references your life when helping out a friend? I know I am. So, naturally, I really enjoy it when pastors make the effort to reference life experiences. I think it’s great to reference Book to Book, but I think it’s more powerful when the story is or was applicable to someone’s life. It just makes it more real.

3) Raw, no fluff and convicting messages

Have you ever watched a church service you felt convicted afterwards? Life.Church often has this effect on me. I admire Life.Church pastors and their ability to talk about the "hard" stuff. The truths. The topics that other churches try to avoid. There have been times I cried in the middle of the living room while watching a service, ask my husband and he will vouch for me. There have been times where I had to pause the study (pro to Church Online) to think. Either way, I love that the messages hit so close to home and that's how it should feel.

4) Energy and humor

Are you in college or do you remember college and the big lecture halls? Man, I did AWFUL in those classes and you can probably guess why. I took naps because it was so dry and boring. Life.Church, Pastor Craig especially have so much energy. The amount of energy he has while giving a sermon gets me excited every single time. His excitement to teach and his overall energy keeps me engaged for the duration of the study. 

5) Applicable to life

One of the courses I took in college was very informative, the professor was slightly funny, too. But I hated the exams. Despised it. It was a 50-minute class and my first exam took about 1.5 hours. You know why? He basically asked us to apply it to our lives. Ugh, I hated the first tests.

Often times I feel like teachers ask us to apply what we have learned to our own lives, yet don’t give us direction. I get it, we’re smart and we can figure it out. But did we actually receive the information correctly when it was taught?

I love each service I’ve ever watched through Life.Church online. Pastors always provide you with direction on how what you just learned can be applied to your own life.

I hope you check out Life.Church, I think you will enjoy it!


Do you have a favorite online Church? What do you like about it?