Two Things: Semper Gumby (stay flexible)

Before I married George, I reached out to my step-sister to seek advice about becoming a military wife and she told me,

Two Things: Semper Gumby (stay flexible)

If anything, I'm not even slightly "flexible". Let's just say, I'm very independent, I like to dominate and I want things to go my way. This type of personality can be good, but can also be the complete opposite of good (if you know what I mean...).

Now that I am officially a [military] wife, dominating and wanting things to go my way isn't exactly the 'best' route. As G's wife, it is my job to join the "WE" team and work half time for the "ME" team. I don't ever want to say there's no "ME" team or I will really lose my mind. But, when it comes to marriage, I personally believe it works best (from what I've seen) if both individuals come together as one, as a team. As a military wife, it is also my job to be able to pack up our lives and go wherever the military takes us. It is my job to make sure the home front is presentable at all times. It is my job to represent my husband as best as I can. 

Becoming G's wife has definitely taught me flexibility, however, there are still times where I am completely inflexible. It's not exactly an easy transition from being completely independent and in charge of my own schedule to becoming a dependent [literally]. 

The military wife life is so different. I knew the military would give us opportunities to live where people travel, I knew about not having to worry about medical coverage and honestly, quite a few more adult stuff most would have to worry about. However, I did not anticipate the times where I felt like my life is spiraling out of control because I simply don't feel like I have control. 

Being flexible is hard and all I could do about it is pray about it. Truth be told though, it's kind of hard to be prayerful when your heart is a [little] bitter about the situation.

Then one day, I caved and managed to open my Bible app because I am such a millennial and landed on Mark 1:16-18. In the ESV translation, Simon and Andrew IMMEDIATELY left their nets and followed Jesus.

I see why they didn't hesitate to follow Jesus IMMEDIATELY. I mean, it's Jesus we're talking about and dang, would so love to just hang out with Him all day. Then again, they also just cast their net into the Sea of Galilee, so it shouldn't be a problem to leave it there unless someone is after your catch.

So OUCH, if that wasn't perfect enough for how I'm feeling about being flexible, I don't know what is. I wished so hard I was just like Simon and Andrew, ready to drop their nets and whatever they are doing to be with Jesus. After all, God has called me to be G's wife and as his wife, I should be able to practice the same kind of flexibility as Simon and Andrew.

Are you flexible? Do you trust God enough that you are willing to follow IMMEDIATELY where He asks you to go?