Version 1.13.18 Beta (Our Wedding Day)

Late November of 2017, George informed me about an assignment to Aviano, Italy. When you're in the military, you never know where you're going next, but Italy? Really! That's a duty station no one should ever pass up. 

Naturally, I told him to go. If an opportunity as great as Italy was offered to me, I wouldn't want my boyfriend (at the time) to tell me "NO". 

I got another text and he said,

3 years unaccompanied, 4 if you come.

The shortest, yet the sweetest text I have ever received and my life has never been the same.

We put a lot of things on hold about the Italy assignment so I could finish up the semester strong, which I did. 

Then, the thinking began and let me tell you - I had a lot of thinking to do. Moving to another country is one thing which I'm not alien to, but marrying George was on another level. Let me just say, the entire month of December was spent feeling like I was being gagged with a spoon. My stomach was on its own roller coaster ride. 

Getting married is a big deal. A really, really big deal.

New Year's Eve, George proposed while we were on vacation in Kansas to spend the holidays with his family. 

13 days later, we were married. 

In my parents backyard.

With my parents, my mentor and our friends Adrian & Hannah who served as our witnesses. The wedding was officiated by our Pastor, Jared.

It was so untraditional, but serene and perfect.

My heart raced a million times, I've never seen so much love in George's eyes until that day. It felt as if we were the only ones there, so quiet, yet so intense. 

This was it, January 13, 2018 is the day I become George's forever bride and he, my forever groom. 

We were surrounded by complete silence until we said "I Do" and the birds began to sing such a beautiful melody and the timing couldn't have been more perfect. 

God is so good. He made our wedding day so special and it was nothing I ever dreamed of, but more than I deserved. On top of that, He's given me such an amazing, selfless, loving man.