A List Of Things To Change When You Get Married

Getting married came a list of things to change my identity.

Disclaimer: This will vary depending on your choice to take your husband's last name or not.


I personally decided to take my husband's last name and I am here to share with you a list of things that I changed after getting married and YOU (probably) need to change after getting married. There is no particular order in doing this, but there's an exception to #1 (Social Security Card) as it is root to your identity.

Congratulations on getting married!

10/10 Recommend. 


I am going to assume that you filed your marriage certificate and requested a CERTIFIED MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE. My husband and I got 10 of these! We haven't used all, but we're glad we have too many than too little.

Now, let's get to it, shall we? 

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If there's anything you take away from this blog post, it should be UPDATE SOCIAL SECURITY CARD IMMEDIATELY. Your social security card proves your identity. It is important to update this in order to go forward with the rest of your name changes. 

This process is fairly simple and all you have to do is visit your local social security office, sign in, sit and wait for your ticket # to be called. If you don't want to sign in, sit and wait... you can make an appointment online. 

You need to bring with you an identification card, know your social security number and a certified marriage certificate

When I processed mine in mid-January of 2018, I was told my new social security card will come in the mail in 2 weeks. I received it a week later. 

Once you have your new social security card, with your new name on it, you can go forward and change/update the rest!

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Driver's license varies by state. I'm not sure if you have an express location for your local Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) or Motor Vehicle Department (MVD) in your state, but if you do, use it. It will cost you money to get it processed, but it doesn't take as much as time as sitting at the DMV/MVD all day. 

Time is of the essence, friends. I mean, if you're earning $20/hour at your job and you decide to sit and wait, how much are you missing out on before taxes? 8 hours x $20/hour = $160. 

But, if you go through express, pay a fee of ~$60 (depending on where you are and if this is even available), who's winning? YOU ARE!

Time is money, so choose wisely, but do it legally!

Before visiting your local DMV/MVD, it is important to call, ask, double check and make sure you know what documents you need to bring to get a new driver's license, DO mention you are changing your name because you just got married. You're probably like, "but there's the internet, I could just Google it". Trust me, I did Google, I went and I was told my documents "weren't good enough", granted I live in Albuquerque and they have the REAL ID thing...

TANGENT: If you don't know what REAL ID is, see >>here<<

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If you're like me and have visited countries outside of the United States, you probably have a passport. If you owned a passport prior to getting married, it needs to be updated. It will cost you, but it's not that bad considering passports are good for 10 years. Another upside is... if you did own one prior to getting married, you just have to renew it.

Renewing costs less than getting a passport for the very first time!

You will need to have your photo taken for your (re)new passport. We all know that Walgreens does passport photos, but if I were you, I would just do it at the post office. This way, it is guaranteed that the photo you are sending to go in your passport is correct. 

Additionally, you will need a certified marriage certificate to be sent with your application which brings me to... you need to fill out an application! Visit the Department of State website for more info. 

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Now that you're in a team, make sure to have the talk with your husband. My husband and I had the talk waaaay before we were married, during our pre-marital counseling (engagement) and we continue to talk now that we're married.

So, FIRST STEP: Have the talk (no, not about babies) about finances

// Sharing with you a high-level overview of our money system

SO, my husband and I decided to open a JOINT CHECKING AND SAVINGS ACCOUNT. We deposit 100% of our paychecks to this account. The account is used to pay the bills. 

With the same bank, we also have our SEPARATE CHECKING ACCOUNTS. We thought it was important to have our own. It's just our preference. 

Here's a breakdown on where our money goes from our JOINT CHECKING ACCOUNT:

// Rent (Apartment Rent + Utilities + Internet + Electricity)
// Giving (Church + Blog Giveaways)
// Independent checking accounts for his and her
// Savings Account
// Car Payment ( Bizzaro (his car = paid off, yay!) + Karla (my car = gots a long ways to go, :[ ))
// Food (Groceries + Restaurants)
// Insurance

RESOURCE: Every Dollar (available in the Apple and Android Store) 
We HIGHLY RECOMMEND sitting with your spouse once a week and look through the family budget.

SECOND STEP: Once you're in the same page as your spouse, go ahead and call your bank. The process may vary depending on your bank. We have USAA and NAVY FEDERAL CREDIT UNION.

For USAA, they were able to change the wifey's name and open a new account.

For NAVY FEDERAL, I was redirected to a document that needed to be filled out. Since we have a branch in our city, I had to bring it in with a certified marriage certificate.

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It is very important that you notify the company you work for about your marriage. You will most likely have to provide a certified marriage certificate. 

You will also have a chance to change how you file your taxes. Make sure to speak with the hubby!

See Work Info + Taxes. Will most likely have to provide a certified marriage certificate as well.


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Home insurance, Car Insurance, Health Insurance, Dental Insurance

I hope you found this helpful. If there's anything I missed, feel free to add in the comments below! 

Did you notice the amount of times I mentioned you need a CERTIFIED MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE?