We For Three Authors' Love Story

We met at a bible study. 

with no intent to date, whatsoever. 


Chana gave George 2 hours to a chocolate and coffee festival

It turned to 10 hours.

George hesitated to kiss Chana at the end of the night.

Instead, asked her in a text if she was interested in staying friends or dating. That he would prefer the "latter" part.

On the second date

which chana insists is the first because apparently chocolate and coffee fest was just "hanging out as acquaintances".

Chana asked George when he was going to make it official

He made it official.

Our first year was filled with ADVENTURES like

traveling to the Pacific Northwest, weekend drives to Pagosa and Colorado Springs, meeting families in Kansas, riding a hot air balloon over the Rio Grande, going on a ghost tour, driving to the top of the mountain, attending church, serving in the church and in the community, being students and keeping jobs. 

It was an amazing first year

and the second year was still exciting, only we slowed it down a little as school got a little bit more hectic. 

Then, we moved in together

and went about our lives as best as we could. It wasn't perfect... we fought quite a few times, we did not see eye to eye and at some point almost broke it off

But we tried so hard

because we truly love and care for each other

Nearing the end of the year...

George received an assignment to Aviano Air Base, Italy. Chana encouraged him to go because its an experience no one should ever pass up.

But George wanted her to go

So it was time, she became his MRS

It was always the plan, God just gave George the push through a military assignment to paradise.


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